BCN3D Sigma Release 2017


An enhanced reinvention of 3D printers characterized by its IDEX (Independent Dual Extruder), which allows it to work in a simple and effective way both support structures, multimaterial and multicolor prints.

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BCN3D Ignis

A laser cutting machine ideal for industrial purposes and Fablab environments. It is capable of cutting, marking and engraving different materials such as plastics, wood or composites.

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An open source modular machine able to print with almost any 3D printing material. Designed to meet the needs of both novice and expert profiles

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A RepRap Delta 3D printer characterized by its high printing quality due to its parallel kinematics. Furthermore, given its minimalist design, it is assembled quickly and easily.

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Spare Parts

All you might need In our store you can also find all kind of kits, hotends –including our BCNozzle, extruders or any spare pieces you may need in order to modify or repair your 3D printer.

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Wide range of possibilities Find out which type of material you can use in order to print your pieces according your needs. ABS, PLA, PVA or Filaflex are some of the options we offer, choose one and print your piece as you dreamed it!

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BCN3D Sigma and Simplify3D® Software – a powerful combination that gives you total control for any 3D print job, even the most complex.

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Profile Generator

Generate flawlessly the most advanced and accurate Printing Profiles for the BCN3D Sigma. Just select the current configuration of your Sigma and download the file with the appropriate set of parameters to get the finest printed model.

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