BCN3D Cura is a free and easy-to-use 3D printing software that prepares your model for 3D printing. It provides an intuitive user interface and an improved workflow, both for newcomers and expert users. It is based on the renowned Open Source slicer and is compatible with BCN3D Sigma and BCN3D Sigmax 3D printers.

Optimized for BCN3D Products

BCN3D Cura converts a digital 3D model into a set of instructions for the 3D printer. Such a complex process has been carefully optimized and tested for BCN3D products. As a result, the user enjoys a flawless 3D printing experience while increases the reliability of the process.

Use IDEX at its fullest

BCN3D Cura takes profit easily of all the benefits of IDEX system: simply merge multi-material models, generate support structures or even cut down printing times by combining hotends with different nozzle sizes.

Integrated Printing Profiles

BCN3D Cura includes validated printing profiles to increase the printing success rate. Just select the installed hotends and materials on the printer to get the right set of parameters. And, of course, those experts users still can tweak more than 200 parameters.

Mirror and Duplication Modes

BCN3D Cura features custom printing modes for the BCN3D Sigmax and Sigma. Only a couple of clicks are needed to double the production capacity!

Technical Details

Operating systems:
Windows: Windows Vista or higher, 64 bit
Mac OS: Mac OS 10.11 or higher, 64 bit
Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 or higher, 64 bit
System Requirements:
OpenGL 2 compatible graphics chip, OpenGL 4.1 for 3D Layer view
Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64 or newer
205 MB available hard disk space
4GB RAM memory
Note: Although these are the minimum requirements,
we recommend using better computers for a better use experience
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