DimaFix Pen: Build plate adhesive for technical materials


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DimaFix Pen is ideal to achieve a good adhesion between the 3D printed part and the printing surface glass of your 3D printer in order to keep the part fixed. Compatible with all BCN3D Technologies 3D printers.

This adhesive can be used for any material but is ideal for technical materials such as Nylon, PET-G and ABS because these materials tend to have more warping. This means that the printed plastic will curl up when printing it. Warping happens because of the properties of the plastic and some of them tend to shrink when cooling down fast. You can use 3D Lac adhesive for not demanding plastic such as PLA, TPU or composites.

How to use it?

Simply put a thin layer of glue on the printing surface glass.

Some Features of the DimaFix Pen:

· Completely water soluble for easy clean up.
· Suitable for most filament types.
· Can be used more than 100 times.

Different print bed temperature results in different levels of adhesion:

· 0 – 60ºC: Low adhesion, object can easily be detached from the plate.
· 60-75ºC: Average adhesion for simple geometries.
· Over 75ºC: High adhesion, for very complex geometries and lengthy prints.

Download the documentation:

· Material Safety Datasheet.
· Dimafix Technical Report.

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