BCN3D Technologies releases new slicing software: BCN3D Cura 1.0

Barcelona, November 13, 2017 – Following our commitment to ease the access to a game-changing technology such as 3D printing, BCN3D Technologies is proud to announce the release of BCN3D Cura 1.0. Based on the globally renowned Open Source slicer, BCN3D Cura has been carefully tailored to deliver all the potential of IDEX architecture to BCN3D customers.

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BCN3D Cura software overview

Previously, BCN3D Cura was based on the old Cura 15. However, in order to take a step forward in terms of quality, reliability and versatility, we considered vital to move on to the new Cura 2, developed by Ultimaker and supported by the whole Open Source community. After months of intensive testing, meticulous integration and a successful stage of betatesting, we are glad to officially release a key element in the 3D printing workflow.

With the new BCN3D Cura 1.0 the users will enjoy a brand new 3D Printing experience. Just to list some key aspects:

  • Better Dual Extusion management. Merging files or assigning jobs to each toolhead is simpler than ever before, making the preparation process easy, reliable and accurate.
  • Full printing profile integration. Few months ago we introduced a handy online tool, the Sigma ProGen. Just with few clicks was possible to download an optimal printing profile in order to minimize the chances of mess up with the parameters.
    Now, that tool is integrated within the new BCN3D Cura. As a result, the user doesn’t have to worry about the printing profiles, no matter the combination of hotends and materials selected. The software will automatically adapt them to ensure the finest outcome.
  • Ability to combine different nozzle sizes. One of the major advantages of IDEX architecture is the ability to combine different nozzle sizes to cut down printing times without giving away quality. BCN3D Cura and the hotend family become a key allies to save time!
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Print faster with finer outlines and coarser infills

  • Mirror and Duplication modes. The brand new BCN3D Sigmax, which outstands for being the most productive desktop 3D printer in the market is fully supported by BCN3D Cura. The Mirror and Duplication printing modes has been developed from the ground up.
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BCN3D Sigmax mirror mode on BCN3D Cura

  • Better support generation. The new Cura Engine handles more efficiently overhangs and support structures, adding new features to empower the user to print ever more complex geometries. Moreover, it is possible to save support material, usually more expensive, to print just the interface layers.
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Save support material just printing with PVA the interface layers

“There are 3 main pillars in 3D Printing: hardware, software and materials”, states Eric Pallarés, CTO at BCN3D Technologies. “At BCN3D we have been traditionally focused on the hardware side, with innovative proposals like the IDEX architecture for the Sigma and Sigmax. Nevertheless, now we are putting all the efforts on build a solid ecosystem to ease the access to 3D printing to a wider number of industries and applications. We recently presented the BCN3D Filaments portfolio and now we are glad to move on with a convincing first step in the software field.”

BCN3D Technologies is truly committed in the software development so it is expected to have new BCN3D Cura versions frequently, introducing improvements and new features to take the best profit of the BCN3D products.

BCN3D Cura 1.0 is available for Windows (64 bit), macOS and Linux. Download it now here and unleash the potential of 3D printing! Are you interested to find out what BCN3D Cura can do for your business? Contact us filling out the form below, we love hearing from you!

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