Assembling the BCN3D+

If you purchased your BCN3D + in kit format, you can easily assemble it thanks to the mounting guide included in the shipping pack. You will find the detailed steps on how to assemble your BCN3D + properly and ensure its proper functioning. In turn, all the tools and elements that you will require to complete this process successfully are included in the kit and its use is specified in the assembly guide.

If you don’t feel confident enough to mount your BCN3D + on your own, you can join one of our Workshops, where you will be guided and assisted by one of our experts both in the assembly and tuning of your 3D printer.

Paste extruder

The paste extruder is an upgrade for BCN3D +, the modular open source 3D printer ideal for exploring the world of 3D printing designed by BCN3D Technologies. With this upgrade the printer to work with soft materials, from ceramics to food is equipped.

The upgrade consists of an injection system that controls the amount of material deposited by the pressure exerted by the plunger of a syringe. No components are defined for extrusion, but any material that can flow and that can maintain the shape deposited in successive layers is valid for printing.

Some examples of the materials may be the ceramic ones, such as gypsum and cement. Also, you can use edible materials, such as chocolate and mashed potatoes.

The purpose of this upgrade is to allow users to experiment with new materials, open the print system to any material in order to discover more applications for 3D printing and better understanding of their potential in both productive and domestic fields.

Dual extruder

The dual extruder is an upgrade for BCN3D +, the modular open source 3D printer ideal for exploring the world of 3D printing designed by BCN3D Technologies. The presence of a second hotend allows manufacturing parts in two colors or by combining different materials such as ABS with PLA, PLA with Filaflex, etc. Thus you can obtain more colorful pieces and experiment with the combination of the different characteristics of the materials to be printed.

The dual extruder also breaks limits the geometry of the parts. You can print without the base usually needed to start, create overhangs and generally make more complex parts. Using one of the heads for printing media PVA material may hold the parts necessary for the process of creating and subsequently easily remove the media, using the water-soluble PVA characteristics.

Delivery and installation

The dual extruder is delivered in kit form and, therefore, the customer must mount it on his or her own machine. To do so, there are available interactive guides similar to those of machine assembly which allow you to disassembly and reassembly the printer.

The BCN3D + firmware must be updated after the installation of dual extruder. This firmware can be found on the website of BCN3D Technologies together with the calibration guide of the two nozzles that ensure optimum results when printing.

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