Cookies are files that are donwloaded into the user’s dispositive in order to access some kind of webpages for saving and recovering information about the internet onto this equip.

Cookies allows to this webpage to save and recover information about decitions and habits of the user. We use them for personalize the expirience through our webs, indentifying and remembering the registered user and making easier to surf the net.

User could set up his web browser in order to unaccept Cookies, in which case the personalization of this experience will not be applied, but the user could still entrying to our web contents normally.

On Wikipedia is it possible  to obtain more information about what Cookies are and how they work.

What kind of Cookies Fundació CIM uses 

Cookies, related to its stability, coul be divided into session Cookies or permanent ones. The first type expire when user closes the web browser. The second ones expire when they accomplish the objective for what they were created (for exemple, in order to the user will mantain identifyed in webs and services) or when they are eliminated by the user.
Additionally, depending on their objective, Cookies could be classified into:

Efficiency Cookies: this type of Cookie will remain user’s preferences in order to use them for tools.
Register Cookies:  Those are generated once the user have had registered o after he had opened his session, and are used for identifying him in webpages and services with those main objectives:
• Maintaining user’s identification.

• Verifying user’s authorization to access to some services.
 Analytics Cookies: Every time  that a user visit a Web o Service, a tool  from a external supplier (Google Analytics, comScore..) generate an analytic cookie  on the user dispositive. this cookie only will be created in the specfific visit, and will be used in the next views.

• Alow the anonymous identification of users through the “COokie” (identify browsers and dispositives, not people) and the compatbility of the number of visitors and its tendency across time.

• Know if the user is new or reviwer.

How to disable cookies of the browser

Nowadays browsers permited to accept cookies. Those adjustments will normally on “options” or “Preferences” of menu.

Those instructions to configure cookies on the main browsers:

Chrome: Configuration -> Advanced options -> Privacity  -> Content configuraion.

Firefox: Tools -> Options  -> Privacity  -> History  -> Personalized configuration.

Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacity  -> Configuration.

Safari: Preferences -> Safety.

For more information, you could consult Apple support or browser Help. 

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