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    Hey guys,

    I want to create a topic for the general exchange of printing experience using the ColorFabb NGEN line of filaments amongst Sigma users. If a thread like this already exists please let me know, I couldn’t find any.

    Currently I am trying to find the optimum printing parameters for NGEN especially towards a high strength, as I want to print some mechanical parts.

    I ran a couple of iterations printing this small calibration object


    I have little to no problems with adhesion, warping, overhangs, bridges or stringyness, the material performs great in that regard. I do have the issue though, that the outlines and the infill do not bond well together. There are a lot of small gaps and you can acutally peel of the outline from the infill, even though I am already running on 40% overlapp.

    If anyone experiences similar problems or the BCN3D guys would like to share their printing settings, I would greatly appreciate it. You will find my current settings below.

    Current Sigma NGEN settings: (Using Simplify 3D)

    Nozzle 0.4mm
    Extrusion Multiplier 1,00
    Extruder Temp 230°C
    Bed Temperature 80°C

    Layer height 0.1mm
    top/bottom layers 5
    Outlines 3

    Infill 30%
    Overlapp 40%
    Infill Extr. Width 100%

    Fan Speed 100%
    Print Speed 40 mm/s
    Solid layer Speed 16 mm/s

    Cheers, Ralf

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