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    I have one question for the BCN3D software developers.

    Will be a new BCN3D Cura version based on Cura V2.3 now that multiple extruder is added?

    Cura V2 has multiple improvements over Cura V1.X so I suppose it will be a natural evolution.

    Thanks, David


    Hi David,

    We are currently testing it.

    Ultimaker has done a really good job with the new Cura but it still have some bugs.



    Good news, you are working on it!




    pretty much the same question here, trying to get the current version of cura running on linux with our Sigma 3d printer …

    Any progress with testing?





    Hi !

    We do like the new Cura 2 Software and we have been working a little bit with it to try to support BCN3D Machines natively.

    For now, we have done some json config files working for the Sigma, BCN3D+ and the BCN3DR.
    You can see and download the files from our BCN3D-Utilities repository on Github

    We’re talking to ultimaker to help us configure properly the Sigma on the Cura 2 because now they support multiple things as dual extrusion machines, materials and printing profiles.

    So, the files in the repo are the starting point to set up the printer. We’ll work further to implement all of the characteristics to take profit of the Sigma.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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