BCN3D Technologies – Open Source 360º

BCN3D Technologies is a Fundació CIM project with a clear goal: change the way the world is made. We offer to society the possibility of having access to digital manufacturing technologies, including them as an active asset.

We design and create domestic and professional 3D printers in a way that the user can learn with every print, thanks to our Open Source working method. Thus we transfer to society all the technical learning obtained during our product development.

Know Fundació CIM

“2-color tree frog” by n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com | anatomical heart by DrewTM

We train the tomorrow’s professionals

BCN3D Technologies has fed from the university environment of its alma mater. Lots of students have worked with us, bringing their passion and excitement, so we would be able to turn into a well known branch in the 3D printing sector.

We offer to the students a real stage where they can apply their knowledge and develop their professional aptitudes. We give them the necessary experience to make possible their quick insertion into the professional market or even, as the project has been consolidated, become part of our staff.

Official Rocket Ship by gCreate

We adapt to your needs

At BCN3D Technologies we know the needs of a baker or a jeweler won’t be the same as an engineer o aerospace investigator ones. That’s why our team has developed a range of products whose versatility is among the highest in the market, so we can take over the needs of the business networks.

¿Do you need to fabricate a prototype for your project? You will be able to print it within some hours with our 3D printers. ¿Do you want to customize your jeans, fabricate unique coasters? All of this and a lot more will be possible thanks to our laser cutting machines.

A technological symbiosis

In order to bring additive manufacturing to the public, we offer a double educational program: train the users in the functioning and maintenance of our machines, and introduce them into the technology world needed for its use.

Furthermore, we try to create a worldwide network that feeds back from its participants. Our official resellers provide with the technical support and local training for the users, favoring the growth of the BCN3D Technologies community, which helps us to improve our products and create new applications.

Take in the change with us!