The getting started support area will guide you through all the preparation of the BCN3D Sigma to print your parts and inventions.

Remember that this process is also detailed in the BCN3D Sigma manual. If you are in trouble and need special care, visit contact to let us help you.


Unboxing the BCN3D Sigma

The BCN3D Sigma is delivered in a well-secured cardboard box. We recommend you to follow the steps in the video in order to unpack your 3D printer correctly.



The BCN3D box contains:

  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 2x Bowden Tubes
  • 4x Flat cable clips
  • 2x Spools holders
  • 2x Cleaning Rubbers
  • 1x Glass
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x SD Card
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 2x PLA Spools
  • 1x Spatula
  • 1x Cross-head screwdriver
  • 3x Allen Keys
  • 1x Pliers.
  • 1x Nylon filament.
  • 1x 3DLAC*
  • 1x Sample print
  • 1x Warranty
  • Stickers

*3DLac won’t be added for shipping outside Europe, Greece and Ukraine due to air trasportation safety regulations.

Make sure you keep all these tools with you, they will help you through all the BCN3D Sigma life.


BCN3D Sigma fine tuning

Your BCN3D Sigma is ready to be operated. Before starting to print you will need to assemble some parts that, for safety reasons, were not shipped assembled.
The fine tuning video will show you how to do this.



Loading the filament

Your printer is waiting for material to be loaded. The loading filament video will show you how to do this. Remember you can read the quick start guide and the manual in any moment to rehearse this process.



Downloading CURA and first dual print

Finally, you will need to download Cura to generate the .gcode for your prints. We suggest you to follow the next video that will show you how to install BCN3D tailored Cura and to get your first dual print, our mascot Draudi. Have fun!



Printer calibration

This is the most important moment in all the getting started guide. The calibration process in a IDEX (Independent dual extruder) machine like the BCN3D Sigma is important and should be done with care and attention. For more understanding of the calibration process please read the “Calibrating your printer” section into the BCN3D Sigma manual. A deep knowledge on this process is highly recommended. The printer calibration video will show you all the process.



Switch the extruders from CURA

Firstly, you must switch on the expert settings of CURA.




Then we must know which color is assigned to T0 and which to T1.






To switch between T0 and T1 just change the order to load the 3D model.

For example:

We want to print the Draudi 3D model; the first file is named Dual Draudi1 and it’s the draudi’s body. The second file is named Dual Draudi2 and it’s the draudi’s spots.




If we want the first file printed with T0 (white draudi with black spots.) we must load the first file and then the second file. Then click with the right button in the last part that we load (wait until both parts have grey color), and clik on “Dual extrusion merge” option.

*Make sure the coils are charged in the printer according to your choice.




The first model will be printed with T0 and the second file with T1.




If you want to print the first file with T1 and second part with T0, just load the second file first and make the same process.




Changing Broken Filament

Sometimes, after a few days without printing, we can found that our printer is not working properly because there is some broken filament inside the Bowden tube. But, how can we detect it?
If the printer doesn’t extrude filament, or if you can’t remove the filament correctly, or if you can’t insert the filament successfully, probably that means that you have broken filament inside the Bowden tubes.


In this video tutorial, we show the optimal technique to clean the Bowden tubes if there is some broken filament inside it. You will know which are the tools you will need to complete the process and you will be guided step by step, in order to make the process a lot easier.


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