In this section, you will learn which procedures have to be carried out to give the BCN3D Sigma the proper maintenance. It is extremely important to follow these guidelines to make sure you printer performs at its maximum capabilities. Not to follow this could lead to worse quality prints or even machine failure.

Remember you can read the BCN3D Sigma manual for more advice.

Be aware, BCN3D Technologies will update this section with more advice and detailed procedures.


Maintenance plan

Here is the chart of the different procedures to accomplish and the frequency suggested.

Plan eng


Nylon cleaning method for the hotend

This little tutorial will show you the way to clean your hot end in an easy and safe way. FFF is a process where a plastic is melted and pushed through a nozzle. It is necessary to understand that this process may generate jams for many reasons:

  • Non-pure materials
  • Old material accumulation (when the material is changed from one to another)
  • Burned material accumulation
  • Any artifact on the material

In general, any change on the printing material (for example from PLA to ABS) should be done after this cleaning method. This is the safer way to proceed.
If the material is not changed, the cleaning method should be done after 300h of printing time.

This method can be applied to any printer. A Nylon cleaning method kit is available in the shop



Changing the filament

In this video, you will be taught to change to material. Remember that if you are switching materials, to follow the Nylon cleaning method is highly advised.



Changing the hotend

The hotend can be changed following this video. It is highly recommended to have one or two spare hotends in order to change them if needed. Different king of hotends can be found on the shop: 0.4mm hotend and 0.6mm hotend



Extruder mechanism

The screw that fastens the compression spring may have worked loose after hours of printing. You should, therefore, tighten the screw until it is in the correct position, as shown in the photo.




Cleaning and greasing the leadscrew

First clean the screw with a damp cloth to remove any dirt. You should turn the screw while cleaning it to obtain the best results. Next squeeze a small amount of solid grease, such as grease from a DIY shop, onto the axis and spread it all over with your fingers.




Leadscrew-2 Leadscrew-3


Cleaning and lubricating Z-axis shafts

Clean the shaft-guides with a damp cloth and lubricate them with lubricating oil for machines. Make sure the oil does not drip. If it does, wipe away any excess oil with a cloth.


Guia-Z-1 Guia-Z-2


Belt tension

What you need to do for the Y-axis belts is to loose the locking bolts, stretch the belt tightening the tension bolts and then, tightening the locking bolts again.Tighten the tensioner nuts. The tensioner is the U-shaped piece fixed to the frontal structure. Make sure that the belts on both sides have the same tension to ensure that the X-axis remains perpendicular while the
hot-ends are moving


Tuernillito1 Tuernillito2


The X-axis belts are tightened using the same technique, although in this case the tensioner is located on the rear of the X-axis. Each belt operates individually, so it is possible to tighten only the belt that is loose.


Updating firmware

This tutorial is designed to guide you in the process to follow to update the BCN3D Sigma firmware.

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