We are releasing not only the BCN3D Sigma design but all our know how



BCN3D Technologies was born as a project from the Fundació CIM, a nonprofit foundation attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. This University DNA is what pushed the BCN3D management team to open their doors so everyone can have access to their technology.

In this sense, we announce the release of all its documentation and contents transversely, taking another step in the Open Source development. So, Open Source 360º will have all the information of the areas that form the BCN3D Technologies printers, divided into five levels and it will be published under the CERN Open Hardware Licence (CERN OHL) and General Public License v3 (GPLv3).

Regarding software, it will be published the BCN3D Sigma’s firmware –Marlin’s evolution- source code, as well as the BCN3D Cura. Also, the users will have access to all the mechanical design of the machine –so, its hardware-, including the 3D files and the assembling and 2D drawings.




On the other hand, regarding the process, the users will have access to all the assembling and QA files that are followed at the BCN3D production plant, based at Castelldefels, Barcelona. Same as the tools, equipment designs, and the testing bench used to adjust and calibrate the electro-mechanical components of the BCN3D Technologies 3D printers (tooling).

Finally, on the teaching level, all the contents of the courses given both in the BCN3D classrooms and its resellers all over the world will be included in the Open Source 360º.

According to Roger Uceda, CEO of BCN3D Technologies, this initiative, far from being a risk against possible plagiarism attempts of the BCN3D product and process designs, “it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and enthusiasm of the BCN3D Technologies 3D printers users and the RepRap community, origin of the project”.

And he adds, “after sharing this information with some Sigma users from countries like Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom or the United States we have realized that following this path will be easier to evolve our technology, answering the challenges that have been proposed to us”.

Taking this huge step, we want to show that a technological company can share its knowledge and keep leading its sector, generating contents for all the professionals, students or makers that want to know everything about the functioning and production process of their 3D printers.




About the Fundació CIM

The Fundació CIM is a nonprofit Technological Institute, attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech, which goal is to create and transfer technology to society through teaching, I+D+I activities and the presentation of advanced technological services.

Being a nonprofit foundation means that all the profits are destined to the development of new fabrication technologies, scholarships for students and participating in corporate social responsibility projects.

15 Responses to “We are releasing not only the BCN3D Sigma design but all our know how”

  1. This is a great move, thanks!

  2. So where are the files then?

  3. Thats B@D@SS

  4. Thank you for providing all this information. One thing I noticed is if I download the Mechanical CAD from Github (download full 110mb zip of the repo) that there are many missing components, and the assembly is broken missing the majority of the components. You might want someone on your end TEST download the repo on a fresh computer to see how the assembly opens on a computer that does not already have the files.

    • Marta Capdevila May 28, 2016 at 09:52

      Hi Eric! Thanks for the warning, we are going to fix it as soon as possible.

    • Eric Pallarés May 30, 2016 at 14:04

      Hi Eric,

      We have tested twice in different computers, both the Solidworks assembly and the IGS file, and it’s working fine for us!

      Could you specify where you find the problem, please?


      • I’m also having issues with missing files. I downloaded everything from GitHub but when I load up the full assembly SOLIDWORKS says that 103 components are missing, I have a pdf list of the parts if that would be helpful.


        • Marta Capdevila June 6, 2016 at 08:24

          Hey Randall, sorry for the inconvenience. We tried to download from different pcs and we didn’t find any problem so it would be great if you could mail us that list to info@bcn3dtechnologies.com
          Thanks for your help and patience!

        • Eric Pallarés June 6, 2016 at 10:46

          Hi Randall,

          We deleted some hidden files, fasteners and support geometries in order to make the navigation smoother.

          Do you found this issue with the Solidworks Assembly or with the IGS file?

          We would appreciate if you send us the pdf list. so we can check what kind of elements are missing.


          • The issues were mostly with the solid works assembly. I just tried the IGS file aswell which had some rebuild errors but seems to be mostly complete, I could probably get by on that if needed.

          • the intial issues were with the solidworks file but I Just tried the IGS and that seems to work fine

  5. We wants 3d technics full knowledge to estabilesh machine pls help me


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