Workshop Express Sigma

The BCN3D Sigma is a 3D printer that has two completely independent extruders enabling manufacturing multimaterial and multicolored parts. Through this mechanism we can combine the characteristics of the filaments and obtain pieces of great detail and complexity, in a simple and effective way.

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn how to use our BCN3D Sigma correctly and how to generate your programs through BCN3D Cura. In addtion, we will give you the basic guidelines to maintain your Sigma always ready as it was the first day.



In this workshop you will learn to use the BCN3D Sigma, so you can print your creations with the combination of the most colorful materials in the market.

To achieve this goal, the workshop is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction to BCN3D Sigma, highlighting its strengths and the large number applications it can be use for, showing examples of pieces in both digital and physical format.
  • Tune up guide for the BCN3D Sigma in order to start printing.
  • Workflow determination for a good experience with the BCN3D Sigma:
  • Generating a STL file
  • Using the Cura BCN3D software
  • Settings for: simple printing (one extruder), multi-material and multicolored (for supports)
  • Practical examples of each of these printing modes
  • Guidelines for a good use of the machine will be set up, as indications of how to do a preventive maintenance of the machine.
Price Enrollment in this Workshop costs 60 €
IVA VAT exempt according to law 37/1992 product art.20 point 9 value added
Promotion If you have a BCN3D Sigma, or you are waiting for one, this workshop is free for you. Please contact us
Duration A day
Current edition Cooming soon
Next edition Cooming soon
Schedule 16:00-20:00h
Where Castelldefels
Contact workshops@bcn3d technologies.com

A technological symbiosis

BCN3D Technologies has improved Cura, which probably is the best software for 3D printers in the market, created by Ultimaker. BCN3D Cura is optimized for use the dual extruder, as well as generating support structures and work with several materials, with many specific configurations for BCN3D Sigma.

With its large printing area (DIN-A4) heated to 110ºC, its minimum layer height -50μm- and its metal nozzle, the BCN3D Sigma gets to print all those pieces you set out with a high level of detail.

With help and advice from our experts you can buy the basics to print your own pieces with professional and quality finish.

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